The Circle Way Project encompasses many programs aimed at serving our community and our wild neighbors.  We look forward to seeing you! 

Current Programs 
Earth Ways Kids, Teen, and "Tween" Mentoring and Wilderness Skills

Deep in all of our roots, there are stories of our ancestors living in healthy, regenerative communities — villages where people of all ages were (or still are) in deep relationship with the land, each other, and themselves.  While our culture is full of teachers, one ancient binding cultural component that we finding missing today is the mentoring relationship. 

While a teacher's role is to impart a specific skill to a student, a mentor's role is to develop a relationship with a younger person.  Through that relationship, many things can be nurtured, including character-building, development of skills, and guidance in a young person's life vision; in other words, helping a younger person along his way of becoming who he really is.  Traditional cultures are characterized by mentoring relationship in all realms of life, where every person is a mentor to many, and simultaneously mentored by many. 

In our Circle Way programs, the mentoring relationship is built through many different facets of an integrated whole.    Young people are led in developing competency in nature-based ancestral skills such as tracking, wildlife identification, fire-making, and natural crafts.  This helps build a foundational connection to the earth that is so vital to our human potential for wholeness.  Fun and physically-active awareness games and the martial art capoeira help us to feel light and happy, connected to one another, and to develop the physical aspects of coordination, strength, and flexibility.  Learning to play the drum in a group context helps inspire the non-linear, musical, meditative, and celebratory sides of our human experience.  Circle groups and councils help develop communication skills, as well as connection to one's own heart-of-hearts: the ultimate guide in a life of connection and service.


       'Walkabout' is a program that provides kids with an opportunity to get to know their place by wandering the local creeks, hillsides, and nature corridors in our area.  Through group wandering and nature exploration, circle awareness games, guided nature observation, plant identification, and practice with earth living skills such as friction fire, cordage-making, and natural crafts, the goal is to awaken and nurture in our children their natural deep connection with wild nature, with their own natural selves, and with each other.  We also work through interpersonal disputes using the ancient method of the talking circle, tell stories, give thanks as a group, make music together, and have a lot of fun!   

Village Drumming Classes 
         Group drumming classes are currently offered for adults and kids.  In these classes, people can get to know their musical voices and learn how to listen and speak within a group ensemble of the traditional drums of West Africa.  Drummers learn traditional rhythms and how each part fits together to create an amazing musical whole, and what that whole signifies in the context of a human community.  Classes meet once a week. Call (575)519-9232 for more information.  Instruments are provided.   



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