"Everyday: let it all hang out; speak your truth, let the tears fall down to the ground..." ("Everyday" - Alone)
The New CD, Wild Drop is out! 
I'm touring my new and old songs around the West, playing primarily house concert venues.  Want to host a concert at your house, or know someone in your town who might like to host?  It's a great way to enjoy quality original music with your friends in an intimate, casual, and connected way, without the noisy bar.  And it's easy. Find out more about it here, and let us know!

      Next house concerts: Salt Lake City ~ April 25th
Bay Area ~ May 3, 4th
Southern California ~ May 6-10th

       Andrew Dahl-Bredine is a singer-songwriter and musician from Silver City, New Mexico. He makes his living performing, teaching, writing songs, working with kids through music and nature, and living and rediscovering a life closely intertwined with the wild natural world. Check out the music!

“An Evening with Andrew is one of the most enjoyable concerts we have presented since our Center’s opening.  The concert was like a breath of fresh air or a cool drink of spring water, it transported us so delightfully from our everyday lives.  Our audience was drawn in not only by Andrew’s uncanny and wide variety of musical abilities,  his original and superior songwriting, his fluidity in  several languages, but mainly his honest connection and rapport with everyone in the room.   Everyone  -young and old -hung on his every breath the length of the 2 hour performance. We are certain to invite Andrew Dahl-Bredine back every season to the Center for the Arts.”  -  Laura Moore, Executive Director, Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts
    Through his recordings and performances, and his everyday work with kids, music, and the natural world, Andrew seeks to uncover and express what it is to be a human being; to heal, to communicate truthfully, to feel joy and sadness, to be together and alone, and to explore what it might mean to live in balance.

"There's something so foreign, so exotic and unusual in his sound, and in his lyrics; yet somehow he leaves the audience feeling so at home, so comfortable, so close..." - Nena Garcia, Acoustic Review

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pine needle fort 

Recently on a trip to Ruidoso, NM to visit my 5 year-old daughter Grace's grandma, I got to experience again the magic of forts in the woods.  We don't have a TV, so often trips like this staying with relatives end up being unusual opportunities for our daughter (and us!) to watch TV, and for us to remember what it's like to have one in the house.  After a while of that, Grace and I ended up building a cool fort out of cushions and blankets in the living room.  Then I said, "let's go build a fort in the woods!," and she happily agreed.  After hopping across the creek with her on my back, we propped long sticks and small logs up on some fallen brush, and then proceeded to pile tons of pine needles on top while we sang a song she made up: "putting pine needles on the fort, putting pine needles on the fort...."  Twenty minutes later we had a fort to remember that could just fit the both of us, and could successfully transport us into that heart of ancestral human experience of making a shelter out of things that nature provides, and then climbing inside that new precious portal into our past and future, and mostly importantly, our alive present.  Long live the pine needle fort!


I just found this old photo from many years ago.  It's more applicable than ever, as today I was working on playing two dunun drums (African bass drums) with my feet while playing guitar, singing, and playing a Pervian flute!  heeheee!

Arizona house concerts sweet like citrus (does that mean sour too? :) 

Just back from a quick house concert tour of Arizona: 3 nights by three campfires in 3 backyards under 3 trees (an big ash tree and two mesquites); beautiful people with glowing eyes, powerful connection through magical music in the breezy firelight...last night in Tucson, 45 people were counted on Nick and Jessica's patio, sharing the music, which was taken up many spiraling notches thanks to Geneva's harmonies and accompaniment on several mbira-based songs (here's a youtube video of the two of us playing my new song "Taireva" based on the ancient Zimbabwean mbira song) . What a treat. So many thanks to all the people willing to go out on a limb to host and attend an unfamiliar format for live music...and yet, isn't it the most familiar? Long live the house concert! 

Wild Drop is done!! 

Whoohooo!  Almost a year later, the album Wild Drop is finished.  I'm really proud of this one.   Lots of work, time, energy, collaboration and magic went into this album.  Cello playing by Orien McDonald, harmony vocal by my sister Maria Casler, tons of instruments, and an amazing job done by sound engineer Joe Victor.  Here's a couple pictures he took in the studio.  Buy the album!  Check out a concert when I'm in your town.  Love!

Almost finished with the new album! 

Just got finished with another evening out at Gang of Hair Studios in Mimbres, getting close to finishing the album to be entitled "Wild Drop."  I'm really excited about this one...production quality is by far the best I've ever had on an album, and the songs are coming together so strong.  A lot of work, time, and much more precision has gone into this recording than any of my previous ones; it feels like a good way to honor the source of these new songs... can't wait!